Issue with circle routes

When a circle route is planned, when starting, if it is not in the programmed direction, in a few meters the application terminates the trip, forcing it to stop again. In this case the automatic route recalculation does not seem to work.

It would also be interesting, in round trips, to be able to add intermediate points from the menu, as well as the calculation of routes “from A to B”, since is difficult to work directly on the map in a smartphone screen.

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I really don’t understand that part. Can you please (always) add a link to an example that shows how this is broken?
And in your case maybe even a Screenshot would be helpful, most phones can do that by pressing the power button + volume down at the same time

Maybe this is more schematic:

Probably mean that when going in wrong direction a rerouting happens or near to destination the navigation ends.

In any case can disable automatic rerouting and use the manual mode.
See also documentation why it’s often a preferred way of navigation.

That Screenshot looks really weird, there’s definitely something fishy with the route. There’s a red goal marker in the middle of it, and the blue arrows go in the other direction that you indicate with your black drawn arrows

Please post a link to the route here so we can understand this

The red goal marker is the beginning, and also the end of the route. I can’t turn the motorcycle in the air, if it is located in the wrong direction to the route I must travel a few meters in the opposite direction to make the turn, and it is at that moment that the application automatically terminates the route.

If it is not clear enough, I will try to repeat the problem, capture the route and record the generated .gpx.

I will also try the solution suggested by Devemux86, thanks.

Ah I think I now understand the issue. Because you are going into the wrong direction in the beginning and then turn around, you approach the destination. When you pass the destination, the app thinks that you reached the destination and stops the navigation.

But you could restart the navigation again, nothing is lost?

From the computer’s point of view a roud trip is nothing special.
It is just a route from start to end with a few waypoints in between.
The only special thing is, that start and end are close to each other.

It’s a feature of the Kurviger app, that you can enter your route at any point, not just at the start point.
It always guides you - from waypoint to waypoint - towards the end
So in your case the app thinks that you have finished the route, because you have reached the end.

Stay away from the end point unless you have finished your route.
If your bike is pointing in the wrong direction you have two possibilities:

  1. change the direction of the route: routing | action | revert route
  2. Start navigation after you have turned your bike into the correct direction.

As said above, basically there is no difference between a “round trip” and a route “from A to B”


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I think I need a special touchscreen gloves, it’s a bit funny to see 7 or 8 motorcycles start and stop repeatedly. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I think I found a solution: first selecting “Round Trips”, and after the route is generated, clicking on “Route Planning”, route still selected, and now I can add intermediate points with the keyboard.


There is another workaround:
Move the end point a bit away (backwards), so that you don’t hit it, while turning your bike.
Just touch the map => set as end point.

BTW: have you tried “cross-hair mode”?
settings | map | use cross-hair positioning

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