Is there a way to test the turn-by-turn navigation without purchasing Kurviger Pro?

Im aware of the ability to refund, but there has to be an easier way right?

As with any app on the play store, you can test for 15 minutes and return the app if you don’t like it

No easier way I think. And by the way I’ve used that before and it works smoothly :slight_smile:

To be honest: why do you hesitate? It’s just 10€ to give a lot more smiles on biker’s face. That’s 2 or 3 cups of coffee during a stop or just 7 litres of fuel. You barely are able to get a cinema ticket for that.

In fact this price is simply a joke if compared to the price models of all competitors.

Come on - just read the comments here in the forum, support the developers with a few bucks and give yourself a chance to learn why standalone navigation devices (for 300-400€!) and all other smartphone based solutions (check out THEIR prices!) are absolutely inferior in almost every aspect.


Turn-by-turn navigation is really working as you would expect it. No fancy things like lane assistant.
The only draw back is, that if you leave the route and want a new route being calculated you need internet. See offline routing


See our documentation.

Google Play allows trial periods with in-app subscriptions or you prefer navigation to have that model? :slightly_smiling_face: