Is it a way to hide waypoints?


Importing tracks from Basecamp (looking to convert my whole Basecamp databse to Kurviger).
But when viewing the whole route within Kurviger all the shaping points appearing on the screen somehow hiding the route itself. Not pleasant.
Hence is it a way to hide waypoints / shaping points?

Thanks beforehand!


By pressing certain keys you can partially influence the display and operation of the web page.
R Hide route
W Hide waypoints (start + via points + shaping points + end)
S Hide shaping points (only shaping points)

While viewing a route using Chrome I was unable to get this to work. I tried S, shift S, Alt S and Ctrl S. This was right after I had imported a route with 41 shaping and way points.

And what happend with “W”?

Now, in both Firefox and Chrome, Pressing S temporarily hides the shaping points and pressing W temporarily hides start, shaping, way, and end points. In both cases they reappear immediately. I didn’t see the off/on effect before.


And many thanks as it works perfectly for me (Chrome).
Just a bit sad that there is no option to keep the view permanent vs having to keep pressing a key ie “W”.

This is the 4th question I’m raising as a Kurviger beginner and really appreciate the reactivity of this forum, support from Kurviger!!!
Many thanks, well appreciated.



One Question from my side.
Why so many points in the Route?
I had nexever the Problem that imust use thw s or w key.

Probably because I imported tracks and not routes

Ok, but why not import a Track as a Track in overlay?
And then Set your Points where you wanna have your own Route.

A track by someone else must normally always be worked over. Make your own route with just a few clicks. With the overlay you can see the original track

In fact I’m still trying to find the best way to import all my routes from Basecamp. I thought that the most reliable way was to import tracks rather than routes.
But what you describe might of course be much smarter. I’m just a beginner with Kurviger and would enjoy any tips ./ suggestions.
" Track as a Track in overlay" Could you pls tell me in a few words how you do this?

On Import try it like this.
You can increase the amount of Waypoionts.
Then not the whole Route is full with waypoints.
And after Import you must check that the route is exactly on the track.
Use different calculation-profiles to get the best result and then set some more points if necessary.

MANY MANY thanks!!!
Will definitely follow your advise.