Ipad mini to Gamin XT


I would like to transfer the GPX file that I downloaded from the Kurviger website to a Garmin Zumo XT. On Android, you can do this with Garmin Drive and Bluetooth. Unfortunately I can’t do that with the IOS version.
Have I overlooked something?

ich möchte das GPX File, was mir von der Kurviger Webseite im Download heruntergeladen wurde auf ein Garmin Zumo XT übertragen. Unter Android geht das mit Garmin Drive und Bluetooth. Leider bekomme ich das mit der IOS Version nicht hin.
Habe ich da was übersehen?

Hi Chris, we have several people here with Garmin Zumo devices, so I’m sure we’ll find a solution.
I myself am on Android so I’m not sure how exactly this differs. You already have the GPX file on your phone, and you can’t send it via the bluetooth of the phone to the Garmin?

Can you first check out if any of the existing answers maybe help you:

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The transfer of GPX track on Android also works for me.
Unfortunately not from my Ipad (IOS) to the Zumo XT. The Garmin Drive App is installed and running on the Ipad. Unfortunately I cannot transfer GPX tracks via share.
A workaround would be to save the GPX track to Google Drive and then import it into Android.