iOS version for Kurviger App

when will the Kurviger App be availible for iOS?

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Sorry there is no planned date for this. This might come in the future, but not in the next weeks :slight_smile:.

You can import routes in the Scenic app, see the documentation for more details.

Thanks a lot, this was very helpful!

Yeah, can import it but unless I missed something you should be scenic Premium to follow the route. Then, is it indeed an alternative for iOS users? Not really.being iOS user,
Why should I pay kurviger subscription to get half of the features than Android users, and even extra pay to be able to follow planned routes on my device?

Better add following route feature on the website. That would be enough on the short term, and easier than develop a maintain 2 different platforms.


Hi dudes
Kind of a mess having an app that’s only available for Android devices.
Scenic app isn’t a real alternative, as far as I’m concerned. Unless I missed something, scenic app imports route planned on Kurviger website, but follow such route is a premium feature, and isn’t cheap. So com’n u have a service level when using android and payed the anualty but then on iOS you get really poor service for the same billed account Access.
When a real kurviger app for iOS? Until then I’m afraid you should disclaim on your site that kurviger is JUST for Android users, and not recommended for apple devices’ owners. Shit

Hi guys,
i was using a lot in the last years. Now I see it is not for free anymore, ok I can understand that.

Nevertheless as I got more and more used to Kurviger but I am an Apple guy I want to ask if there are any news or plans regarding a iOS App? The new Season 2022 is arriving :slight_smile:

There are no news about an iOS App, sorry :slight_smile:

For now we still recommend using the Scenic app.

Hello, I wanted to clarify a doubt, because the Kurviger navigation app does not have support in ios, I think there are many people with apple mobiles who wanted to use this app.

It’s true that there this would probably be cool for a lot of poeple, but at the moment Kurviger simply does not have the manpower to do such a massive effort, I hope you understand, sorry :slight_smile: