Introduction and question concerning Triumph APP

Hi i’m Bernie and i 'm not a navi power user. Have the kurviger pro in the first edition. Meaning i have paid it once and forever. And i have a question because i’ve bought a new motorcycle. This new motorcycle is a Triumph Street Triple RS. And for Triumph bikes one can buy a communication module. With this module and an App called my Triumph you can use the google maps navigation engine to display navigation arrows on the speedometer. That’s of no use for me cause i want a motorcycle navi that shows routes which are fun to ride. Is there a way to integrate the kurviger app in this scenario? I guess it is not, but may be there is way to make an android handy communicate with the triumph display. And maybe Triumph is already working on this. But if they do, it will for shure not be free of charge.

Regards Bernie

Thanks for the question.

Their Google Play page mentions “built with Google”,
so probably only Google Maps?

Have you contacted their support to see if / how it can work with other apps?

Yes the app uses google maps. That’s why it is usesless for me. No i did not yet ask Triumph.

Triumph does not move.There will be no way to use kurviger or calimoto.
herzlichen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
Die Navigation unserer „My Triumph“ App basiert auf Google Maps und lässt sich nicht ändern.
Eine andere Routenführung wie z. B. Calimoto lässt sich leider nicht integrieren.
Wir bedauern, Ihnen leider keine positive Nachricht geben zu können.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
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