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Interstate — preference to choose interstate above any other road type

[EN] Supposed, one would like to intentionally choose “interstate only” as a routing option in order to either travel faster, or avoid progressively deteriorating roadsurface conditions (e.g. for all non-ADV bike riders), such option would provide great benefit to any user who wishes to make use of it for the stated purpose. — Please kindly implement it via an update.
[DE] Für solche Anwender, die ausschließlich den Routenverlauf über Bundesstraßen wünschen, um bspw. schneller zu reisen oder aber zunehmend schlechte Fahrbahnoberflächen vermeiden wollen ( das trifft für viele Fahrer zu, welche kein geländetaugliches Motorrad fahren ), wäre eine solche Routenführungsoption sehr hilfreich. Bitte im Zuge zukünftiger Aktualisierungen berücksichtigen — es wäre eine starke Verbesserung des Anwendungsnutzens.

[EN] Description of the issue and how it should work instead:
[DE] Beschreibung des Problems und wie es anstatt dessen funktionieren sollte:

Hi fetzbretter,

There has been some discussion about this already in the last couple of years, even on the old Google groups forums. The consensus in our community and from the developers was usually that kurviger does not need to fill every niche in the navigation market and that usually Google maps does the job of the “only fastest all the time” best.

Most would argue that we shouldn’t waste resources trying to be better than such a giant.

For small stints or starting segments towards your curvy routes, kurviger has the “fastest” option. If you still would like things added to that, could you give a bit more detailed description for us, where you are missing the “interstates” option and in what scenarios?


I do understand that the dvps would not want to jump on each and every small hick-up and niche to be filled. However, I do believe having such feature, like limiting any routing to roads of prime order (apart from highways), would provide great benfit to those users who are not operating any so-called Adventure Bikes. In fact, the group of those riding regular street bikes are progressively suffering from deteriorating road surfaces. This unfortunate trend is believed to continue in the future, becoming more serious and nerve-racking. For this reason, users might wish to circumstantially choose roads which are kept better maintained, which happen to be those called “interstate” or - in German - “Bundestraßen”. Consequently, I tend to disagree such request being categorized “insignificant”. You might wish to kindly take it into consideration.

With kind Regards

I’m really sorry this is the case for you. I myself ride a sport tourer with no adventure capabilities but I’ve been rather happy with the roads that got recommended to me the last couple of years.

As I said: do you have specific examples for roads, where the “fastest” setting in Kurviger was not enough for a ride of yours? Could you provide a link where Kurviger routed you over really bad stuff? Have you tried the “avoid smallest roads” and “avoid unpaved roads” settings?

You can be sure the devs take all the user wishes into consideration! Some more briefly than others :smiley: But that is why we have this forum :slight_smile:

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Maybe it also makes sense to mark bad road surface in OSM.
In my area there is such a route that is really nice, curvy and narrow and “Kurviger” always selects this one. But unfortunately it is just too bumpy to enjoy the ride.

Does it makes sense to do that?

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Absolutely! Correcting OpenStreetMap is the single best thing you can do to improve Kurviger for everyone. There is a very good tutorial when you go on openstreetmap.org and click on “Edit”. If you have any further questions after that, you can ask in the OSM forum, or even here in the Kurviger forum


Not just Kurviger, but potentielle every OSM based service. And there are thousands of apps and services out there. So yes, please help improve the data when you find something is missing :+1: