Integrated file manager in Kurviger pro does not work after Android 10 update on Moto G7 power


A few days ago I installed the update to Android 10 on my Moto G7 power. The file manager integrated in Kurviger pro app no longer works. Subfolders are no longer displayed and you cannot select anything. I cannot open maps nor routing files. See the screenshot. With Android 9 everything worked well.

Two 3rd party file mangers showed the same behavior.
Did anybody encounter the same problem? Any proposals on how to solve the issue?

Kurviger Pro 1.13.14 / Android 10 (API 29) / motorola moto g(7) power

Have you granted the storage permission when asked by the file manager?
Or you can do that in Android permission settings.

You are at the top folder: “/storage/emulated/0”. Can you enter that folder?

You can uninstall / reinstall the app or clear the app data in Android settings,
to reset app state (just backup / export your bookmarks / routes before that).

Thank you very much. Deinstallation, reinstallation of the App and than granting storage permission helped :nerd_face:.