Installing Non Kurviger Maps

I have paid for and using Kurviger 2 for Android.
I read somewhere that I can install non Kurviger maps. However, I cannot find instructions how to do that.
Are there any instructions?

In the app: Menu ¦ Map ¦ Offline maps guide →

@devemux86 posted (somewhere in this forum) a link to a list of Mapsforge map providers:


See also here:

Maybe I am misunderstanding things. All I want to do is update my maps to the currently available OpenStreetMaps. Styles are of no interest to me.

When offline map providers also offer map styles,
their offline maps look better with their map styles.

Why don’t you use the maps provided by Kurviger? Update them at the beginnig of each season.
The maps are only for viewing.
Route calculation uses its own data.

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Kurviger maps are ok. They don’t update as often as they used to, even though I have the paid version.

Why would you want to update the maps way more frequently than maybe twice per year?
If there is really a new road, Kurviger would route there, even if you won’t see it on the map.

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The roads are not created / removed so often in reality, so the maps work.

Road tags often need changes, so routing needs to be updated frequently.

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In our part of the world the reality is that roads are constantly being changed. Especially in the cities. Developmemt here is continuos.

I do not know what the udate policy is for Kurviger. This is a pity brvause I really like the simlicity of the route planning.

I do not know what happens to the servers (I just write the app).

This is why the app can use maps / styles from different map providers.

See @boldtrn’s answer here: