Installationsverzeichniss wird nicht angezeigt

Ein freundliches Hallo an alle Nutzer dieses Forums.
Nachdem ich Kurfiger Pro nun schon ca. ein Jahr auf meinem Xiaomi und Ulefone Armor x5 (Android 9) nutze, habe ich bei der Installation auf einem weiteren Ulefone Armor X5 (Android10) das Problem, dass mir der Installationsordner ( nicht mehr angezeigt wird bzw. ich ihn in dem Android/data nicht finden kann.
Nachdem meine Suche mit Google mich nicht weiter gebracht hat, bin ich nun ziemlich ratlos. Gibt es noch eine Einstellung in Android10 ?
Wie kann ich herausfinden wo die Kurfiger App installiert wurde?
Die App funktioniert mit den installierten Karten fehlerfrei.
VG Ralf

A friendly hello to all users of this forum.
After using Kurfiger Pro for about a year on my Xiaomi and Ulefone Armor x5 (Android 9), when installing on another Ulefone Armor X5 (Android10) I have the problem that the installation folder (gr.talent.kurfiger .de) is no longer displayed or I cannot find it in the Android / data.
After my search with Google did not get me any further, I am now quite perplexed. Is there still a setting in Android10?
How can I find out where the Kurfiger app was installed?
The app works flawlessly with the installed maps.
Best Regards Ralf

Each new version of Android is more restrictive in the public use of application folders.

Folders of applications continue to exist in Android/Data.
Why do you need to access them?

Have you tried with a file manager?

Many thanks for the quick response,
yes i tried a file manager. Even with the Total Commander. The reason is, I wanted to see if the maps were installed on the SD card.
The directories of Osmand and Here are shown to me.

You can download the offline maps anywhere and then use the app’s map menu to open them.

There’s something really fishy here.

After upgrading my Samsung S20 FE to Android 11, Kurviger fails to open files stored in it’s own
folder on the SD Card, i.e. /storage/<sdcard>/Android/data/ There’s no
way to access files and maps stored there anymore, neither from Kurviger, nor from the File
Manager. I moved all files to storage/<sdcard>/Kurviger/ by accessing the SD Card from a
Card Reader in Linux, so I now can access the files again.

However, the fishy part is that, as Ralf3010 mentioned above, Osmand can still access its
map files in /storage/<sdcard>/Android/data/

So, why does this still work in Osmand, but not in Kurviger anymore? Is there a chance
Kurviger can introduce the functionality from Osmand required to access its own files again?

Edit: I also tried “Files by Google”, but it can’t access files under /storage/<sdcard>/Android/data/
same as the Samsung File manager.


OsmAnd still has the storage permission among its permissions list.
Perhaps it hasn’t been moved to Android storage access framework.
Required for all Android applications, so wait for their next releases…

Kurviger app no longer requires / needs the storage permission.
It uses Android storage access framework to access the storage.

App folders are not intended for users to put custom files.
Google now forbids such access even for file managers…

Android 11 is causing similar problems in all applications:

The problem is this: If somebody has the files stored in /sdcard/Android/data/ etc.,
in other words, in internal storage, then an upgrade to Android 11 will make the
user files under that path forever inaccessible to the user (unless: root).

IMHO, there should be a way in Kurviger to salvage these files, since no other
app will be able to do so.

Does that make sense?


On Windows do you put your files inside “Program Files” or “Windows” folders?

Android 11 does not allow anyone to access app folders.

Kurviger is not a file manager and uses Android file browser (with its authorized permissions).

On WIndows, the user will be able to access the files, even if they
have been stored under “Program Files” or the Windows folder by accident
or because “it seemed to be the right thing at the time”. Just saying “it’s all
your own fault” is a bit underwhelming.

Osmand can still read the files in its own folder on Android 11, and any
application can store files in a lot of media locations, so I don’t see
how Kurviger should be unable to perform this action.

This was already answered above.

Search their repository for Android 11
and you will find many new problems…

Kurviger is already updated with Google’s forced Android changes.
Complaints for the results should be done to the Android’s authors.