Input not OK

Ik krijg telkens deze melding: input_not_ok
Wat te doen?

Hi Dwars, can you please upload a Screenshot of this problem somewhere and post a link here?

Also can you please tell us (many) more details? What steps do you do to get the error? Do you have an adblocker installed? Which browser are you using?

Input_not_ok is an internal message. Usually you should see a translated message telling you that

At least one of your points seem to miss coordinates or an address.

So have a look at your point list, probably a point is missing?

AdBlock or similar plugins might interfere here as well :slight_smile:


see Ik kreeg iedere keer deze melding - #2 by zaphod_42

The issue is probably your destination then (Assuming you have 3 waypoints).

Ten minste één van je punten lijkt een adres of coördinaten te missen.
Iedere keer als ik Kurviger opstart krijg ik deze melding, wat kan ik er aan doen?

Een screenshot van de hele website zou nuttig zijn - zoals deze:

Dit is de enige manier waarop we misschien kunnen helpen.
(In het bovenstaande voorbeeld was het een ongedefinieerd ViaPoint).

Als deze defecte route wordt uitgevoerd als een link (, zal de fout natuurlijk elke keer verschijnen als hij wordt aangeroepen …



Hi Robin,

I only have 2 waypoints, a starting point and a routepoint.

Normaly is your second point your endpoint, wright?

Bus as you can see, Kurviger makes no route between these two points.

And that’s my problem.



Please continue the discussion in 1st question’s topic
instead of creating new topics for the same question.

Also as mentioned above,
please provide a screenshot of your waypoints on website,
so developers can understand the report.

Here the attempt to reproduce the problem: (

But why isn’t the fix being used?

While such an erroneous route cannot be exported as a file, exporting it as a link is possible - maybe the latter can be prevented …

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It’s a bit tricky, there are cases where you want to share only a start or destination as a link.

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erased: was wrong