Incorrect turn instructions

Sorry, because I’m a new user in forum I can’t send screenshots or navigation file

You don’t need to post screenshots or attach files.

Can write the options (routing service, rerouting mode, etc.) and the kurviger url (use the share button). (everytime when I use share the url is different)


  • curvy road
  • don’t use same road twice


  • mode: normal
  • recalculation: recalculation during trip
  • new caltulations mode: next way point

At what user coordinates?

With which routing service(s)?

If use only Kurviger online service, then need to have internet during rerouting.
Or can use also offline routing services.

Sorry, what do you mean with user coordinates?

routing service: Kurviger (online) GraphHopper (offline)

Here the coordinates of the point of first faulty routing.

Looking at your route, I can see 2 “suboptimal” placed waypoints:

  1. Waypoint 2 is off the road:

  2. The route around waypoint 7 seems to be strange too:

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Way point 2 was placed by myself, so OK I didn’t place it correct.
But route between way oint 6 and way point 7 was placed by the APP and also the strange way forward and backwards again.
So if that’s the problem I will check my routing better before I start.
Hard when you are on the road and ask for a route at the mobile.
Could you tell me what could be the reason for the strange routing between way point 6 and 7?

And we have still the problem of the confusing commands “follow street, turn right” at a normal crossing.
This is something you should check.

Can see the documentation for some help.

Voice guidance comes from routing, so can check the route in the website and see its turn instructions.

at way point 2 it told me to go right and than straight. after that recalculation started and it told me follow road for 1,5Km, follow road for 1,7 Km and so on. That is something I can’t check at pc or mobile.

I have created a new route on website. Just placed start point and tell the system create a circle tour.
See at:

please take alook to way point 2 this is something which should not happen.

  • don’t use a road twice

created next tour:

check way point 2 and 4 (again automatic creation of tour)

I have not seen something like that in older tour files I created.

With such strange routing, you can select in rerouting settings the strict navigation, if it can help.

The problem is the placement of waypoint 7 at the intersection area.
Don’t place waypoints close to intersections and other streets!

The automatic round trip generation is a nice feature, but I wouldn’t trust it blindly.
I consider it as a suggestion and always check the waypoints by myself and adjust them to my wishes.

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I think the issue was, that the strange route was created by the “create roundtrip” feature.
Strict navigation would have made the situation on the road even worse, as it forces you to really visit that suboptimal placed waypoints.

IMHO solution is to check waypoints manually and move them if necessary.
With crosshair mode this is an easy task, even on small mobile devices :slight_smile:

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Hi, sorry I’m a bit stupid, what is crosshair mode??

settings | map | crosshair placement

Einstellungen | Karte | Fadenkreuz Positionierung

Hello Manfred,

many thanks I’m sure that will help.

Gruß Matze

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Round trip generation in Kurviger web.
The reported issue is very correct as usually there are one or 2 automatic generated positioned waypoints that do trigger a U turn.
Find the annoying U turns (the non directional U turn type) easily in the instruction list roadbook. The nearby reference waypoint however can’t be deleted here, as otherwise the artificial generated roundtrip is destroyed
To do actually: Shift the nearby waypoint toward a more logical position, to result in a roundtrip creation without out and return path trajects.
Kurviger U-turns