Improvement and missing functions

I switched from Calimoto, the Android app runs well but is missing a few important things.
It would be nice if I could also save my routes in the app, as a favorite or there should be an extra item “saved routes”.
you always have to search and import gpx files from scratch, a bit cumbersome.
And the function to create multiple favorite folders is missing in the app completely, that would be very helpful.
But an important suggestion for improvement would be to integrate a user management in the app. In the app you are totally blind, don’t know if you are logged in or not.
Otherwise I like Kurviger Pro quite well, you do a good job.

Please create a different topic for each idea / suggestion,
so that all users can discuss each suggestion separately.

Thanks for the suggestions.

In Kurviger we transfer routes with .kurviger files (not gpx).
Please see the documentation:

Transfer a Route within Kurviger or Save it for Later Use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

The internal cloud has already been discussed in other topics: