Improve Visibility for Drag&Drop

when dragging & dropping, you can hardly see which waypoint you are moving where, because only a thin green line is visible. Can you please put a high-contrast background colour on the currently clicked waypoint and the waypoint over which it is being moved, so that it is easier to see when you can release the mouse button to move the current waypoint to the desired waypoint?

Thanks for the suggestion, I moved this to a new topic. What do other think about this?

It can be helpful, even a lot of people (more men than woman) have a problem in identifiying green and red (Grün-Rot-Schwäche)…

BR juschka

P.S. I was looking for a possibility to drag&drop several points in one step. e.g. I want to push now the 10 first points of a route to the end because of a new variation of the tour. Actually I have to drag&drop point by point…is there any other solution existing?

Depends, if you want to reorder the whole route (like a circle) you can click on a waypoint where you want to start and then click on start.

You can also click on the Drag&Drop icon to use the button / input mode, which might be faster for very long routes.

For sure changing the route from start to end ist simple.

But I’m changing in the middle of a route e.g. 10 points (of 180 :smile: ). There I have to push one by one from 160 up to 40, 161 to 41, 162 to 42 and so on up to 170 to 50.
For sure that’s possible but not the perfect usability :see_no_evil:

I don’t have any knowledge about programming, but to do it as in excel or so: mark several waypoints “with one click” - row 160 to 170 - and then drag & drop up to 40-50.
Something like this?

BR juschka

I can’t even imagine to plan a >4000 km trip in one route … every change (e. g. move or delete a waypoint) needs a recalculation and takes between 10 and 15 seconds. Would drive me crazy.
Nevertheless your changing problem could be solved by splitting the whole route into 4 pieces: 1=001-039, 2=040-159, 3=160-170 and 4=171-180 and put it together in new order: 1,3,2,4. But I’m not quite sure which approach is faster …

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No that’s faster. Normally the recalculation is ready in a about 2-3 seconds.
You’re correct it’s a long turn, but it’s the only one not to loose the overview if I’ve included all interesting things, also with a day trip around my hotel. In the beginning it’s a little bit crazy, but then it’s sorted in a logical way. So sometimes it’s necessary to push some points to another day or a daytrip in a reverse way or whatever.
Finally on tour I’m dividing the tour to the daily package, but the “complete” route is always on a storage ready for new loading or whatever.
BR juschka