Importing Route -


I have a route created in myrouteapp (sent to me) - when i import the route the app and website changes the route. How do i get it to import without changes?

(ps i cant upload it either to show you)

If you have the GPX track, you can import that and see the route as overlay, exactly as it was in GPX. Now you can compare the Kurviger route to that overlay and optimize it. Also see the documentation here:

I also manage my personal route library using this platform (but I don’t like their navigation app at all). If importing a route via GPX into Kurviger (website or app) I’m using this options:


Then you can see the original route (red line / track) and Kurviger’s route (blue line):

Now you’re able to adjust the waypoints (or add some new) to match the original route - or to recognize that Kurviger sometimes chooses the nicer route (Ok - maybe not in this example)! :wink:

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