Importing Maps on Android and English language on Android

Good day.

I have downloaded the maps. specifically Cambodia and Thailand. The maps are in my phones download files but they are not in the files of the Kurviger pro app menu fro offline maps.

When using Kurviger pro on a PC the maps are in English but when exporting a route to the mobile or using the app on the mobile the maps are in local language only.

Hi Robert,

For offline maps the process is to download them on the phone via its browser and then open them inside the Pro app (details exist in documentation).

The app will ask for storage permission when first use its integrated file browser, so can browse to the download location and open the map files.

You can then change the map language via map menu, if want them in English.

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devemux86. I am following all the instructions, I am loading the maps from the Kurviger menu but it is not asking me for permission. As mentioned I can see the maps in the phone download files but I cannot export or see them in the app menu. I have uninstalled and retried several times. I am using a Huawei nova 3.

So you have loaded successfully the offline maps inside the Pro app?

The offline maps are files to load inside the Pro app.
Then can change their language via the map menu.

Where maps are downloaded, what is the path, can you post some screenshots?
Have you browsed with the app browser to the maps location so can open them?

Please explain in more detail what you mean, so we can understand better and help.

So, when I go to the phone internal storage> downloads. the maps are in the file.
Example: select Cambodia> open with> Kurviger pro. The app will open as a normal view of continents. >map>map language> screen will change and post “load valid vector map”

Close all windows…Open Kurviger>menu>map>open maps> there are no maps in the file"bottom left corner with file folder"

Note: when reviewing map options in the Kurviger map selection, the files are appearing with the “?” symbol beside the files.

That’s not how map files are loaded, need to use the map menu (as described in documentation).

That should open app’s file browser, then you can browse to the download location, select the map files and open them.

Can you post some screenshots to understand better what you mean?
Are the files downloaded fully and correctly?

Oh you mean the maps server in the web browser, those icons are not problem.

I have determined it is the Huawei phone, I needed to transfer the file manually from internal downloads. I loaded Kurviger onto a samsung and downloading and opening maps was simple and done all from within the App.
So I guess that something to note.

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