Imported GPX from basecamp - Kurviger changes route when I ask for nav instructions

I am importing a GPX file that I created in Basecamp. Initially when imported the route shown is the same as in Basecamp.

But when I initiate the turn by turn instructions, Kurviger changes the route to a different one.

Hi and welcome!

We’ve already had several discussions about Basecamp, could you check those out real quick please, and see if there’s an answer there for you, or if you can contribute in those threads?

Furthermore, in future please remember that we’re all fans here, working for free, so please help us use our time in a meaningful way by adding a link to a short route that shows your problem, and more information in general. In your case here, I think some Screenshots would also be helpful to show the problematic alterations to the route that you’re facing

What do you mean, probably mean something else?

A calculated route can be changed only if user changes / moves route’s waypoints or options.
Turn instructions is just a panel with information, it cannot trigger any new route calculations.

Can also check documentation for hints regarding import GPX files.

I did check those and didn’t see anything relevant.

can’t get second shot

The route ignores the waypoints I have in the gpx file. It doesn’t seem to matter what options I choose for overlay and routing.

The only situation I can imagine, where Kurviger could skip waypoints, is when you are off the route. But then, you should get a question when starting navigation.
Something like “Route calculation to start | standard?”

In the screenshot I am missing the “location arrow”.
Do you have GPS reception?
Are you ouside or are you inside a building?

Could you post what the app is displaying in
settings | about | info ?
There should be some info about Kurviger version, Android version location service etc.


Please explain in more details what do you mean.
Navigation uses what routing or import has calculated as route.

Also attach the gpx file and post all the enabled options that you have while import it, so that everyone from community can check it and help better.

The report seems about import GPX route keeping its waypoints.
(not related to navigation - image does not have any waypoints)

Difficult to understand without more details, like explained above.

In other words: At start of navigation

If indeed that is the report’s meaning then only a rerouting can modify the route’s waypoints depending on which rerouting option is enabled in navigation settings.

Without more details… can disable rerouting or change its setting to test different things.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I have figured it out and am hoping to verify with one of my friends who uses Kurviger more often.

I tend to use via points instead of waypoints. In this way, I do not run afoul of the inherent limitation on the number of waypoints in my Garmin unit or in Indian Ride Command.

If I am correct, I will need to set these as waypoints when first creating the route and sharing to a Kurviger user, then go back and set them as via points for my own use.