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Qu 'elles sont pour vous les meilleurs réglages pour importé des fichiers GPX qui ne contiennent pas forcement de traces jointes .
Régulièrement confronté à ce probleme lors de partage de fichier GPX qui ne sont pas fait par Kurviger mais par d 'autres applications


sorry I cannot follow you. What exactly is the problem? Do you have a file that is not working? Or is this more general?

en fait pour être au plus sur de l 'exactitude d’un fichier

Exemple un groupe de motards situé au coin de la France se partage des fichiers GPX réalisés avec different outils , comment être sur que le fichier GPX que j ’ ouvre avec Kurviger soit la bonne route ( tres souvent il n ’ y pas de trace joint dans le fichier )
donc ma question est de savoir si il y a un reglace optimum pour l 'importation de route GPX pour qui il n ’ y a pas trop d 'interpretations différentes de la route

Please see the documentation about how to import GPX tracks:

If there is no GPX Track, you can’t make sure that the calculated route is actually equal to the route in the GPX file. You could compare the distance if that is available, but this is also no guarantee.

If you planned your route with Kurviger before, I would recommend to go with the .kurviger File.


Do these other people have a link they can share with you where you can view the route?

A lot of distritbuted GPX (from friends, in a forum or elsewhere in the web) are Garmin GPX.

Inside this GPX in Garmin format frequently the calculated route is inserted in the GPX route with Garmin special extensions.

An example I found in the web:
Franken-Thueringer Wald 2010.gpx (271,3 KB)

If you import it in Kurviger, only the route points (tag <rtept>) of the GPX are used (as kurviger waypoints) - to show that, I imported the GPX only as overlay in Kurviger (1st picture). But there is much more info in the GPX, you can see that if you open that GPX in (2nd picture): The magenta line shows only the connection between the route points, the blue line shows the additional info contained in Garmin specific extensions:

You can export a new GPX from (it contains the blue line as track) and import that in kurviger, so you can see also the “track” hidden in Garmin GPX extension before:

Franken-_Thüringer Wald_2010Shp.gpx (149,6 KB)

As you can see, there are several differences between the Garmin route and the Kurviger route - you can fix that by adding further waypoints, for example between #11 and #12:

( can do that automatically - but that is OT here)

From my point of view it would be helpful, if Kurviger also reads that Garmin extensions, because (as mentioned before) a lot of GPX you get via web are in that format.

The format is quite simple, as an example I attached the route point “Straß4” from GPX below.
Each route point (tag <rtept>) contains further points (tag <gpx:rpt>) showing the track to next route point, so it is not difficult to extract that points and build a track from the route points and the “track” points between:

<rtept lat=“50.2757549” lon=“11.6003180”>
    <gpxx:RoutePointExtension xmlns:gpxx=“”>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2757549” lon=“11.6003180”>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2757549” lon=“11.6003180”>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2757978” lon=“11.6005754”/>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2757120” lon=“11.6006613”/>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2753258” lon=“11.6007042”/>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2749825” lon=“11.6008329”/>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2745104” lon=“11.6011333”/>
      <gpxx:rpt lat=“50.2740175” lon=“11.6015559”>


Non pas forcement

Interesting, thanks for sharing. I can have a look if that is possible. The way the GPX import works right now, this is probably not possible.

There are a lot of Garmin GPX files, so this might help the compatibility with Kurviger :slight_smile:.

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Just to prevent double work: There is an other topic about Garmin specific extensions:

But it seems that Wolfgang and me are the only users interesred in that … :thinking: - but nevertheless perhaps it might be useful to consider that topic if reworking GPX import.

Please let’s continue the discussion about Garmin GPX in its topic: