Import route option - "Routing from location"

When importing a route there is a checkbox “recalculate route from current position”.
The intention/use case for this option is not obvious to me.
See also app-pro-wegpunkt-als-start-setzen

To make it more clear, I have created this example route.
Current position is ~3Km south of waypoint3

Import route without “recalculate from current position” checked.
The result is obvious - you are getting the route unchanged as expected.
— screenshot —

Import route with “recalculate from current position” checked.
Now the the original WP2 WP1 and start are deleted, and the new start point is at your current position.
— screenshot —

So you are entering the route somewhere close to your current position.
You would get the same result with Variant1 when you just tap “navigate” (provided automatic rerouting is on).
So if you want to begin the route somewhere in the middle, you could simply tap “navigate” without needing this import option.

My proposal:
Change the behavior of this import option!

  • Calculate the route from your position to the original start point an let the original route unchanged.
  • call it “calculate route to Start point”

So the user could ride the full planned route and be guided to the Start point.


The “Routing from location” option in Import currently performs routing from user location to route’s nearest point.

We had discussed that in old forum and will provide also option to allow routing to route’s start.