Import KML

I stored my routes as *.kml. Why is it not possible to re-upload it into in *.kml format?

To store the routes for later reuse in Kurviger it is strongly recommended to use the native .kurviger format.
This is the only format containing all information.

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O.k., fine. So: how to transfer a *.kml to a *.kurviger file?

I would use an KML to GPX Konverter (Google for “kml to gpx converter”) to convert it in an GPX.

Afterwards read that GPX in Kurviger, do manual rework and save as .kurviger.

Due to saving in KML some information is lost (e.g. your routing settigs like “fastest”, “curcy” etc.) - so you will have do do manual rework in any case.

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You can convert them to GPX format with RouteConverter
and then import the GPX files into Kurviger.

Also you can see in the documentation how to transfer routes from Google Maps to Kurviger.

Thank You, devemux86! Seems to work!