Idea for Split screen: Display Map and 3D parallel

I am using kurviger for a while already. Nice Tool. Generally to plan a route and export it to my tomtom. I always have an additional papermap attached to my tank. Now I have got the idea, to use both in one unit. Propably a 7" Tablet.
The idea is, kurviger shows the route in landscape as mapview in follwing mode. Ideal would be zoomable.
In one corner (left top?) I can see the 3d Navigation additional as extra window. So I have the standard Navigation and the real mapview for orientation, where I am.
I hope, my description is clear enough. Is this idea so special or could it be realizeable. Maybe as payed extra?

Thanks for the interesting idea.

Though 2 map views is not something trivial, specially with OpenGL for rendering. :slightly_smiling_face: