Icon "Mechaniker" für Favoriten / Mechanic" icon for favourites

currently the categories of your own favourites are limited to “POI”, “Meeting point”, “Pass”, “Petrol station”, “Gastronomy”, “Overnight stay”, “Viewpoint” and “Car park”.
What I am missing here is the category “Workshop”. Now, one might object that there is a “mechanic” in the curvier-integrated POIs, but not all workshops are listed. If you drive an exotic type of vehicle, they are usually not included.
Would it be possible to use the already existing “mechanic” symbol for your own favourites?
This is not a Prio1 wish :wink:

aktuell sind die Kategorien der eigenen Favoriten beschränkt auf “POI”, “Treffpunkt”, “Pass”, “Tankstelle”, “Gastronomie”, “Übernachtung”, “Aussichtspunkt” und “Parkplatz”.
Was mir hier fehlt, ist die Kategorie “Werkstatt”. Nun mag man einwenden, dass es ja in den kurviger-integrierten POIs den “Mechaniker” gibt, nur sind eben nicht alle Werkstätten verzeichnet. Fährt man einen Exoten, sind die meist nicht enthalten.
Wäre es möglich, dass ja bereits vorhandene Symbol “Mechaniker” auch für die eigenen Favoriten zu verwenden?
Dies ist kein Prio1 Wunsch :wink:

Workshop can currently only be displayed if they are entered in the OSM. Therefore, the display is currently very sparse.

Yes we should probably allow more types in the favorites :+1:

In the meantime you could use the generic “POI” or you could create a favorite collection with your favorite workshops in there.

If you would like to add workshops, it is possible to add them to the OSM database.

Here is a tutorial to get started: LearnOSM

Once you add a point, it takes a few hours to show up on the Kurviger map.

As a side note: we currently only show motorcycle workshops.

I didn’t want to blow up the little issue like that. But perhaps a few words on why OSM data is not enough.
Most dealers and workshops today represent more than one brand, with the largest brand usually dominating and possibly giving its name.
So if I’m looking for a workshop for a ChangJiang, for example, it’s of little use to me if a few workshops that also have Royal Enfield or Yamaha also do something for the Chinese firecracker, I simply won’t find it under OSM because it’s not coded.
This is just one reason why it can make sense in individual cases to create your own POI/favourite workshops.
But as Robin has already written “Yes we should probably allow more types in the favorites”.
Perhaps there will be an extension in the future.

Knowing this is off topic:
Is it wise to ride a motorcycle which need POIs for its workshops? :wink:

At least from the technical perspective, this is very much possible in OSM, for example you can tag a workshop with:


Meaning these three brands are handled by this shop. Arguably, OSM might not be overly complete when it comes to this kind of info. That said, you can always improve the data :slight_smile:.

Although it is off-topic and probably meant as a joke, imagine that a tour is more than 5 or 6000 km. Then it can be practical to have a service done or tyres changed in a workshop on the way.
A workshop does not always mean a repair. :rofl:

OK, I didn’t know that. But then you also have to be able to filter by these tags?

This is correct, this is currently not possible, you would have to click on a POI to get this information. This might be improved in the future :+1:

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Man kann es auch übertreiben! Wenn ich unterwegs eine Werkstatt brauche,was ziemlich selten der Fall ist,such ich eine im Internet!
Die Adresse find ich normalerweise schon .
Man könnte sich ja auch für diesen Fall die GPX Daten der entsprechenden Händler als POI speichern(falls man sie findet).
Da auf OSM zu hoffen ist,glaube ich, ziemlich Blauäugig.


Der nächste möchte noch Toiletten auf seiner Route angezeigt bekommen.Oh man
Gruss Rolf