Ich bekomme immer noch die Meldung Route verpasst

Did you use navigation in background e.g. with closed screen?
Then need to check the documentation for battery optimization.

Since many have asked that, I will disable that announcement.

Did you use navigation in background e.g. with closed screen?

Nope, screen always on and the phone is connected to a charger. Knowing Huawei, I turned of battery optimization for kurviger right after install :wink:

As cannot confirm that behavior, it’s a bit difficult to debug it.
Next version will offer option for strict route following, as current optimized with shortcuts workflow can be non deterministic at some times.
Let’s see if it can help also in these cases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool! Looking forward to it, because kurviger already is a great app and finally I can leave my old, trusty (but slooooooooooow) Garmin at home :slight_smile: Thanks!


Is Kurviger putting your location on the route or is your GPS position actually away from the route?

Did this happen only at this point? It could that you would have to restart the navigation, there are some situations, where this can happen.

Something else I could think of would be, that by accident, you drove the tour the wrong way around? So you look to be on the route, but your driving in the wrong direction.

As mentioned by @devemux86, it’s really hard to tell without a way to reproduce the issue :slight_smile:.