I found incorrect route information

i stated to create a new route but the info about a part of this route is absolutely incorrect (attached).
the route is not closed!
hope you can update that fault?

see the yellow note.

The pass is only closed temporarily (November to May). In the other months it is open, depending on the weather.


Thank you Viola, but how can i know its seasonal? In the yellow note its only written “closed from . . .”!


This street is closed from November until May.

Example: November 2021 until May 2022

Click on the one-way symbol and you will get the data from OSM

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Thank you to Hobbyfahrer, i know what you mean. Im a Newbie in “Kurviger” and for me this notice looks like the road is maybe closed bcs its under maintenance? What i miss is more infos with that notice. Hope you understand what i mean, my english is not the best;)