I can’t import gpx files

Why I can’t import gpx files anymore into the app?

The headline is unnecessarily unkind. This is probably one of the rare mistakes that has crept in. It is probably because not all route points are imported. Apparently the loop breaks off during import. It still works in the old version of Kurviger 1. This will certainly be corrected.


You should not expect any help with this threadtitle…


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Import should work fine.

Please post the gpx file and what import options you use,
to understand what you are doing.

You can also check the documentation for more details:

Import should work fine (and is the same).

This morning I was able to reproduce the error. Now it works. Maybe it was a temporary issue with route calculation on the server?

I can not know this.
In any case the import is not related to the routing.

I used to import the same gpx files from same source now when I try it says file is no valid even the offline maps from K don’t open , old version and new version the same situation

Can you tell us a bit more:

  • What device?
  • what Android version?
  • where have you stored the offline map?
    where have you stored the gpx-file?
    maybe on an SD-card?

Ok I just figured out the issue, apparently when I downloaded the gpx file after downloaded on my documents and try to reopen on the Kurviger app I noticed that the file was changed on that process instead of downloaded as a gpx it was downloaded as a tex file so I had to renamed the file and changed it to gpx and than it will open on the app perfectly.

Tank you all for you feedbacks