I can export kurviger route from cloud to naviagator

I made a route in kurviger and saved in the cloud.
When i want to export it kurvigers askes me which app i want to open the gpx file .
What must i do ??

Do what it says: Choose an app.

If you want to use the GPX file with an app on your phone, then choose that app. If you want to use it somewhere else, then you could save it to Google Drive, your phone or send it by mail. There should be several options in the “Which app …”-dialog on you phone.

The gpx file was exported to your download folder. Now you can store it on your gps device or load it into basecamp or whatever you want to do with the gpx file.

i,m not using telephone but labtop connected to navigator 5 bmw

ok thanx, it works again in the downloads so i can export it to gps;

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