I as Premium / Tourer user desire that the routes I create are faithfully reproduced and shareable

I am an early adopter of being a premium/Tourer subscriber.
today I created two routes and generated the 5 character route codes.
I entered these into my phone and shared these codes with my riding buddies.

I had no idea I just “screwed” my buddies.

My riding buddies happen to be non-premium users.
I am pretty sure I knew they were not tourer subscribers -
But in my opinion, I should neither know nor care what is my riding buddy’s status within Kurviger.

I was unaware that the code I gave them would be converted to a “standard” non-premium route.
This means even though we each are using the same code I am one route, they are on another.

As rider leader, I am embarrassed.

In my opinion when the system generates a route code,
that route code is “gospel” and should faithfully navigate the route charted as it is the one and only source of truth for the route.

In my opinion, the website/system should not generate a code if the code can not be trusted to navigate the intended route.

Ideally, the system should automatically insert enough “shaping points” so the code generated is valid.
Or the system should guide me into what must be done so my route codes are valid.

As a Premium user I wish to create cool routes using the tools I paid to use.
As a leader of my group I wish my team to have the ride route that I am leading.

I totally want Kurviger to succeed, that is why I was an early subscriber.

But as things are now, I have two choices.

  • retain my good reputation as ride leader by NOT using the premium tools that I paid for
  • go ahead use the premium tools I paid for and “hope” I don’t screw my riding buddies too badly by sending them on roads that I myself am not taking.

I am not happy with those choices, I feel a 3rd option should be the standard.
If one paid for the tools, you get to use them, the routes you create are always valid.


I am sorry that you had a bad experience.

I think what might have happened is that the Android app converted the route back to a non-premium route? Maybe this could be done more transparently so users are not surprised that the route is different to the planned route?

In the meantime I think that using .kurviger files would work to reproduce the route 1:1 as long as you don’t recalculate the route.

Website and app descriptions clearly mention that all advanced features are provided via subscriptions.

Then they can not follow the route anyway, as navigation is a subscription feature.

Knowing or not, you should care, because they cannot use your “advanced” routes.


Extra routing features made QR codes and URLs obsolete ways to share routes.
(as they require route calculation)

the point I am trying to make is
Prior to Tourer,
the 5 char route codes and the associated QR were pure gold
these codes were gospel and the one and only source of truth.

Prior to Tourer:

  • I could publish that code and others could pull the route and view it on their device
  • I could publish that code and others could pull the route and print it
  • anyone with the paid navigation app on phone could consume the code and enjoy real time turn by turn navigation.

now that I am Tourer subscriber the first two bullet points are no longer possible.
In this respect, as a tourer subscriber, I have less functionality than when I wasn’t a tourer subscriber.
The only way I can regain the functionality I lost is to NOT use Tourer.

in current configuration I can either:
a) retain my good reputation as ride leader by NOT using the premium tools that I paid for
b) go ahead use the premium tools I paid for
and “hope” I don’t screw my riding buddies too badly by sending them on roads that I myself am not taking.
or screw myself by telling my emergency contact that I will doing route XXXXX yet from the contact’s point of view the route I said I was taking isn’t the rout I actually took.

I feel that since I am paying money for Tourer
I should not get less functionality than if I paid no money at all.
I know the above is a harsh statement, there is a lot of reasons to pay for Tourer,
I have paid and I will at renewal time too but this point, the statement is valid.

In my opinion, If I paid for the tools then I get to use them.
The tools I use should always produce route codes are a valid reflection of my work.
anyone with my route code should at least be able to view/print the ride I intended to run.
If others have paid for tourer then they too get to enjoy turn by turn navigation of my route.

I am not happy that as Tourer the routes I create are no longer gospel,
they may or may not refelct the actual roads I intend to be on.

The above sentence is unfortunate because it never needed to be that way.
The reason why is no matter what Tourer features one might enable when creating a route
once you are done, if one inserted enough “shaping” points in the route
then even “standard” mode on any setting would reflect even the most complex tourer route.

My point is people should always be able to view/print the route of today’s ride even if one can not turn by turn navigate it.


I have an online subscription to DER SPIEGEL. If I now want to send an interesting article to a non-subscriber, then that is also not possible simply with the link. Okay - the comparison is a bit lame - like most comparisons.

Most of my fellow drivers use (unfortunately) not kurviger, but Garmin or TomTom. And there is per se a system break regarding the maps and algorithms. So I have to create .gpx and .itn files for these participants, which contain many shaping points (GpxShaping does this job for me) and even then nothing is 100% accurate. :woozy_face:
My Kurviger followers get simply the Tourer version, they should buy the subscriptions - basta! :wink:


= the .kurviger file ?

you can bet on it

Nein? Das kann nicht wahr sein
No? it can’t be true.

An idea to resolve the issue is create a new button for tourer subscribers.
this button would insert “N” shaping points into the route line the subscriber has created.
With this action done the QR / 5Char generation can occur same as it already does.

if there was a shaping point every 100 meters along the entire route line then with near 100% certainty, the QR code would exactly reflect the route I just created.
Those that have paid for turn by turn navigation get to enjoy that feature
conversely stated, those that did not pay for turn-by-turn navigation would simply get to view/print the route.

As a Tourer subscriber, if I “knew” that I was going to share the code only with myself or other Tourer subscribers then I would “know” hitting that insert shaping button was un-needed.

If we had such a button/feature then the QR code Tourer generated could be made gospel if I as a Tourer subscriber wanted it to be gospel.

As a non-tourer I was offered a .kurviger file with tourer functions.
This file can correctly be imported into the Pro app to ride it.
Should so be able to navigate the unaltered shared traject.

Attached the tourer file I received.
Köln - Eiscafe Dolomiti, Daaden.kurviger (14.1 KB)
You can guess which comrade this one came from.

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you said: “Then they can not follow the route anyway, as navigation is a subscription feature.”

I think my reply is realtime navigation is not the point being made.
the point being made is humans have a need to communicate with each other.

I use the QR/5-char codes in communication, these appear in posters, flyers and SMS text.
I am communicating where we are to meet and what we are going to do.
Even the grandma who does not ride but is simply someone’s emergency contact has a valid reason to know the route.

Prior to Tourer the QR/5char code was natural way to do this communication.
I am trying to re-aquire the ability that Tourer took away.

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Hello OracleDba.

For your information, your problem was also mentioned even earlier.

As I understand it, the question was then answered as follows.

“If you are not a paying member of the club, you cannot enter through the front door where your coat is nicely accepted”.
“What you can do is enter through the back gate (kurviger file) via the performers’ entrance and hang up your coat yourself”.


Regarding the style of your post, please read again the forum guidelines:

On the contrary, the kurviger files are the recommended (offline) way to share routes.

Hello, Emux,

That’s exactly what I want to say, isn’t it? The kurviger file is the only option
And to say something less businesslike is hopefully not impolite?
If you think it sounds rude it’s my translator machine’s fault which I do use for “sensitive” less technical translations :wink:

So if you want all the extras, there are conditions.
But what OracleDba wants to achieve here is to send an extremely simple invitation via classic SMS or QR code.

Like this ? (temporary !)


What else do you expect, we already explained that too many times.

*.kurviger is the only offline format that contains a complete route
and it does not require an online route calculation during import.
So the route during tranfer is guaranteed not to be modified.

Everything else like QR codes, URLs (or GPX) contain only waypoints
and they require an online route calculation during their import.
So the route during transfer is calculated based on client features.

Knowing all these, everyone is free to choose their preferred method.

I understand this 100% and I always have been extremely happy with it .10/10.

Perhaps my propsal in

might help. If yes, you can vote / argue for it…