Hallo, ich habe eben mit sena telefoniert. Die meinten, dass ich etwas in der Navi-App umstellen müßte, damit mein Navi wieder eine hohe Priorität im Headset hat. Und zwar sollte die App die Ansagen nicht über den Musikkanal senden, sondern über den HSP-Kanal (so wie Naviagtionsgeräte). Wie kann ich das einstellen?
VG Marcus

What do I have to change in the settings so that the app will send the announcements not via the music chanel but over the HSP-chanel like the navigation divices? The idea is the announcements should have a high priority in the headset so that the discussion between riders and the music will be interrupted.

There are several options to test in “Settings | Voice guidance” for voice output and pause music during announcements. Can try the available output modes and see what works with your devices.

Please see also the documentation for more detailed hints.

I will try that and report. Thanks

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