How to simply start a new route when another route is active?

I’m struggling for a few days now with some testroutes to get to know Kurviger a bit more.
I can’t find an easy way to start a new route when another route is active/loaded. Now I restart Kurviger each time, but I don’t think that is the right way. Can someone help me out (there’s probably an easy solution, but I can’t find it)?

Restart the kurviger app doesn’t help because the active route will be there after restart. Interesting to know how that works in your case …
You just have to click on the “big mac” button, select “routing” and “clear” - that’s it.

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They probably mean the website.

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Uupps - didn’t look at the headline …
But it’s similar:


Thanks, how simple can it be (I honoustly thought that would delete the route/overlay completely from the cloud).