How to move a favorite (POI) in web?

Sometimes a favorite (POI) has not the exact position and needs to be moved afterwards. Furthermore this favorite is already used in one or the other route - so delete/recreate is not really an option. Does anybody have a smart solution for this?
Thx, Thomas

You can delete and recreate it or you can change the coordinates. This will not change your already planned routes.

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delete/recreate is not an option. Modifying the coordinates will work (getting the coordinate by “what’s here” and afterwords copy/paste)

But a really smart solution would be: pressing Cntrl or Alt with left mouse button simultaneously :wink: @Developers: is something planned for one of the next releases?

It is on my todo list for quite some time, if people need it, please let us know :slight_smile:. There are a lot of other things on the todo list as well, so we need to prioritize a bit :slight_smile:.


Yes, it would be great to be able to move a waypoint :slight_smile:

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