How to mix different curvy route setting calculation?

I am new in the Forum, therefore I apologize for everything I probably do wrong here.
I have signed up for the Kurviger Tourer Abo since it seems to me having good improvements.
So, my question I have: is there a possibility to mix the 3 different curvy route calculations? Let’s say I have calculated my route with the default setting „extra curvy“, but want to use „fast and curvy“ for a section of my route. How can I combine that? As far as I understand the whole route will be calculated with „extra curvy“ in this case, even if I set a waypoint where I want to add the „fast and curvy“ section, and immediately after the waypoint the route will leave the „fast and curvy“ track and calculates „extra curvy“ again from there. If this is not possible, for me the option to see all 3 curviness calculations is not really helpful, but this could be developed.
Thank you.

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please see remarks from @devemux86 in
Route option (fast-curve etc.) per section

Regards Markus

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Hi Markus,

any idea when this is going to happen?


Hi Daniel,

We cannot offer an estimated time of arrival for any feature, they can be offered when implemented. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are already too many requests in our features list, we need to manage our resources carefully.