How to make GPX import faithful to original route or track?

I guess this is a topic that most of you already faced and that has already been discussed in the past. But I don’t find any recent topic on it and hence I put it back in the light.

I’ve many BaseCamp GPX that I would like to import into my preferred tool, Kurviger. But when doing that there is always a very significant discrepancy between the original (BaseCamp) route or track and the one imported into Kurviger.
How can I manage to have both GPX as close as possible to each other (Garmin vs imported Kurviger)?

Many thanks beforehand!!!

This documentation is quite a bit outdated, but the general approach still stands: Importing a GPX Track into Kurviger [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Look at the overlay, and place a few waypoints manually.

That said, we are looking at further improving this in the future with more automation, but right now, you would still have to do some manual work.

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What would be worth to try is:

  1. prior import turn off all avoidances
  2. start import with fastest route option and check afterwards the divergence vs. the Garmin route
  3. repeat step 2 with next route option and so on until all route options were used.

At least you should find a variant with the lowest divergence, which would be the closest to the origin.

But I fear there is no way to have a 100% similar route after import :saluting_face:


Thank you! I know it’s a tricky question as each app has its own parameters determining routes calculation method. From now on I’m building everything into Kurviger that I really enjoy using, but still have a lot of GPX in BaseCamp that I would like importing into Kurviger.
Again many thanks!

Many thanks and very good idea!!! Will definitely try this one.