How to get Pro working on my Android


Just signed up for the Pro version on my laptop, works great, but how do get the PRO Version working on my Android ?

I can’t see a place to login or anything… TIA :slight_smile:

You need a separate subscription for the Android app, but the price for web (Tourer) and app (Vers. 2.X) together is more than just fair.


Hi mate,

I found it by accident, after contacting support, who responded very quickly but wrote basically the same thing. My problem was not being able to find the subscribe button.

As you can see in the pics from my phone I did not reliase I could scroll down… Not good for marketing ! :slight_smile:

Anyway all done now, planning my trip, woohoo :slight_smile:

Could not do 2 photos apparently :slight_smile:

That is indeed a bit irritating and cannot be seen at first glance. But I think the screen also varies from device to device, because on my phone everything is displayed at once.
Have fun with the planning and on your tour! I recommend that you test the app extensively on shorter tours and become familiar with the settings.

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Subscription buttons could be made to be always visible.