How to avoid road?

Just simple question.

How to avoid a specific road when planning a route? I mean a road that is currently impossible to travel on, or I simply don’t want to.

Or why can’t do it in the Kurviger?

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In BRouter you can define “No-Go-Areas” either as Circle with a specific radius or also as polygon:
Radius Polygon
In this case it’s the Diesel-Ban-Zone in Munich. I use the second for my old BMW car.

Would be great if Kurviger could implement it.

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The avoidance function is still missing in the current version but is on the roadmap. It is not yet possible to say when it will be available.



But, when “it is not yet possible to say when” - it’s not roadmap, it’s backlog. :slight_smile:

We don’t publish any dates for features in general.