How long after edits does it take for Kurviger to use the updated OpenStreetMaps

I noticed that I had a route that was not correct. I looked at the OpenStreetMaps and found that there were gates on the route that don’t actually exist. The gate was actually off on a side spur. I fixed the gates in OpenStreetMaps and saved the edit. How long will it be before both the website and the Kurviger app start using this new version of the map?

Usually it takes two days for kurviger to take over the OSM data. You can check the date of the last update in the upper right corner:

2021-08-14 06_13_32-Kurviger - Your Motorcycle Route Planner - Profile 1 - Microsoft Edge

and you get the answer in the bottom right corner:

2021-08-14 06_13_56-Kurviger - Your Motorcycle Route Planner - Profile 1 - Microsoft Edge


Thanks, is it the same update frequency for the app as well?

Kurviger routes are calculated online on the same server by both the app and the website.

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