Hint if login without Kurviger Tourer

A lot of problems with Kurviger Tourer not working are caused by users logging in with an other account (without Kurviger Tourer).
I did not count, but it feels that more than 90% of problems are caused by that.
So my suggestion: If a user logs in with a tourer account, store information “a tourer account has been used” as cookie on that device / in that browser.
If a user logs in with an account without Kurviger Tourer and that cookie is set, give a hint to the user, that this account is not a Kurviger Tourer account, but that an other account with Kurviger Tourer has been used before.


This is an interesting idea. I am doubtful if this would help though.

Usually, you won’t be logged out of Kurviger, unless you either explicitly log out (using the menu) or if your browser clears your local storage (cookies etc.).

If you local storage is cleared anyway, there is nothing we can do. Cookies are gone. For example Webkit (e.g., Safari) does that every 7 days.

If you are logging out, using the logout button, it would be possible to show the hint. So for the users that are explicitly logging out, we could show that hint, but my feeling would be that there are not that many?

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Probably you are right - I can not judge it. I have and use only one account and I do not understand, why some users have more than one - perhaps unintended?
But I think it happened now and then that I had to log in again on PC, as far as I remember without logging out manually and without clearing cookies/local storage.
It was just an idea - again without knowing the effort for implementation of such a hint…

Yes, I think this happens when you have for example an email account. The next time you visit you click on “Login with Google”. If that is a different email address, you will have two accounts.

Browser can clear local storage for many different reasons. This is not just because of a user interaction. Especially nowadays where many browser try to reduce tracking, they delete this from time to time.

There are some cases where you are logged out, even though cookies are still present. This can happen in some situations, but is not really common.

Yeah, it’s definitely possible and the effort is not too high. But still, it needs to be maintained, so I like to keep things simple where possible and I am not sure it’s worth the overhead, as my assumption is this would only help very few cases.