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Hint for category / tag change

I got an “alert” (bell icon), that @devemux86 has changed a post from me:

Checking the changes I could not find any change - so I guess that category and / or tags have been changed and this leads to the alert.

Would it be possible to show changes in category and tags in the comparison?

If not, it might be useful to send no alert when category / tags are changed - or send a different alert that this has been done.

These changes are already available in every topic’s history.
(you probably received the notification as topic’s author)

If you check that topic’s history, you can see the change: moved in New features category.

Notifications are useful, we can not remove them.
Users who do not need them can ignore them.

You can customize your notifications in your profile settings and by category or topic.

Ahhhhh - thanks for the feedback!

So that the headline with pencil, name and small arrow means that the category has been changed, right?

Thanks again - I will investigate those options.