Highway = service = driveway pot. blocked

In the short route

there are two gas stations as viapoints.
Both of them are shown as potentially blocked roads - perhaps because the ways are tagged with highway=service and service=driveway.
Tagging access=customers does not help.

From my point of view it is not useful to report that as potentially closed road - especially because viapoints are placed there.

Solution: lift-gates (via point 1) :wink:

are there lift-gates?

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You are right: At viapoint1 the barrier might be the reason (perhaps barrier should be tagged as access=customers) - but at viapoint2 I can not see any barrier.

Edit: I set access=customers for the lift gate @ viapoint1

I have added opening hours to the petrol station at Via Point 1. (lift-gate!)

Now we should wait until the update has also been taken over in Kurviger.

I am curious … :face_with_monocle:

At viapoint1 I would prefer parking_aisle instead of driveway, as there is clearly visible a parking place.

This is somewhat expected behaviour. Routing over a parking_aisle, you never know if you can actually ride there. There might be gates or signs forbidding this, unless you are a customer, which means, it is potentially blocked.

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Let’s focus on viapoint 2:
No barrier, only highway=service, service=driveway (the topic of this thread). I think for this point there should be no warning due to potentially closed road, especially if a viapoint is there.
Remark: From my point of view it is not useful to give too many cloased road warnings - if the user is used to get a lot of warnings, he will not care about them but just ignore tbem.

Indeed :+1:

service=driveway are not really meant for public traffic.

See: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:service%3Ddriveway

A driveway is a minor service road leading to a specific property. It typically branches from a bigger road and leads toward an entrance to a specific destination (building, etc.). It may end at or pass the entrance, but either way, it gets close to its destination. It is rare for a driveway to be the way to access another roadway (but see Pipestems below).

A pipestem or shared driveway leads away from a main road toward several houses, each with their own shorter driveways

So I think the display of potentially closed road is OK. If you use a driveway on your route, you might end up on private property or at least drive somewhere where it’s not really intended. I don’t know any driveways where I would like to ride and where this is not considered some secret shortcut or where I am at a destination and I am a customer.

What about the gas stations mentioned above :wink: .

Would it be possible not to warn if a waypoint is in that driveway section (as in my example)? But I guess that would be very complicated …

I put in the gas stations as viapoints so that I can see the distance to them while riding - unfortunately the POIs are not on the road before but directly at the gas station / on the driveway.

I have to read the documentation more in detail to fully understand the detailed differences between driveway, parking_aisle,
pipestem etc. - for me is not clear, if the tagging at the gas stations is correct or not, so - of course - I will not change it.

And I fully agree - of course - probably it is not useful, if Kurviger uses driveways for normal routing (e.g. shortcut via parking place ).

My proposal just would be not to warn, if a waypoint is located in a driveway sectiin.

I’d say you are not supposed to drive on the gas station property, unless you are a customer, so I’d say it’s valid to show a hint.

Yes I agree. I would like that as well. This is however really hard to do, so it might not be possible anytime soon.

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