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Bei meiner geplanten Route sehe ich mehr Tunnelsymbole als Strecke. Ich habe nichts gefunden, um die Tunnenlsymbole bei der Routenführung zu verbergen. Weiß jemand, ob das möglich ist? Danke und Gruß

On my planned route I see more tunnel symbols than route. I have not found anything to hide the tunnel symbols in the route guidance. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you and greetings___

Entweder das “Topografie-Diagramm” unter Einstellung ganz schließen oder im Diagramm unten rechts durchschalten auf “Höhe”.

Either close the “Topography diagram” under Settings completely or switch through to “Height” in the diagram at the bottom right.


Super, hat geholfen - danke
Very good, helped a lot - thank you

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In general, do you find the tunnel symbol annoying? If most people don’t find it useful, tunnels could be removed from the route information.

I find the tunnel information quite useful. It’s generally not very interesting to drive in tunnels, if you have other choices, i.e. when making vacation trips to Norway: There are a number of tunnels where there is the old road, which are much nicer to drive on than going through the tunnel. By getting the tunnel symbol, you can start looking for possible other roads.


Sometimes there are “tunnels” which represent just a bridge. If you can find out the length, suppressing all tunnels shorter than 100 m could help here.
One example:
2021-04-21 20_09_24-FränkischeSchweiz2_r _ Kurviger 🗺+〰+🏍=😍

Right now, tunnels are shown when the tag tunnel=true is present in OSM.

To quote from the OSM Wiki:

For some grade separated crossings it may however be debatable if the lower way is in the tunnel or if the upper way is on a bridge=*. In general, if the lower way is long and surrounded by earth it is almost certainly a tunnel; and if the lower way is short and the upper way is supported on concrete, brick on metal pillars / beams then that is almost certainly a bridge. There are however situations where it is a matter of personal judgement, but it is preferred to either tag the lower way as tunnel or the upper way as a bridge but not both.

You are right, that short tunnels are usually not an issue when riding, so we could limit this to longer tunnels.