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Hi all - Introducing myself


My name is Jan Blom and I’m from The Netherlands. Road tripping with my Lotus Elise is what makes me happy and since I like to share that feeling with others, I started organising road trips last year. Not commercially by the way. Up to now destinations have been Scotland (2x), England and Stelvio. You can read about this hobby and plans for 2020 here: www.bendsandcurves.com. Since I also like writing you can read posts about things I find interesting concerning sports cars and driving them.

For the participants of my road trips I create the routes and share the sat nav files. Since a lot of different types of navigation are available (TomTom and Garmin being the most popular), the problem occurs that often these different systems create different routes after loading into the app or device. So I started looking for a route-platform that also provides a navigation app, so all participants will see the same routes on their screens. My first impression of Kuriviger is that it ticks all the boxes I think are important. For 2020 it’s my plan to advice participants of my road trips to use the pro version.

Although I have bought the pro version myself, I yet have to use the navigation app for the first time. The Kurviger platform for creating routes looks very good and easy to use and I’ve created the basics for the 8-day Sping tour for May 2020 already with it. I’m looking forward to start using Kurviger for real, since that would also mean it’s road tripping season again ;-).

Best regards, Jan


:+1: To my fellows I explain it as “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get), same maps and same algorithm in browser and smartphone!


That’s a clear way to explain it. This clear, I used it in a post on my website if you don’t mind :wink:

Regards, Jan


Welcome to the Kurviger Community!
Very interesting what you write.
Since you obviously organize group trips, maybe creating roadmaps with Kurviger is interesting for you?
“Creating a Roadbook using Kurviger”


Thank you! I noticed the option; I try to avoid roadbooks and work with export files (or better the Kurviger app). But indeed, in some cases it’s necessary to use a roadbook. I organised the ‘Autumn Tour’ for Lotus Club Holland, and they want to spread a roadbook amongst the participants. It took me forever to make one, so this would have been nice to use :slight_smile:

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The roadbook is also useful for your own time planning, especially for longer routes when you want to plan and calculate several breaks.


That is a good tip, thanks!