Help menu on website still actual?


just stumbled above the menu on the website - are the highlighted links still valid for K3? Just to prevent guiding a new user to the wrong app…

It’s so easy for the answer to your question. Just a click on the menu items :wink:.

Then you will see that you reach

  • Getting Started for K3
  • Kurviger Documentation

Maybe we have different links (what I cannot imagine) or I make a mistake. When I click on ‘Dokumentation’ I am redirected to following page:

If I then follow the highlighted link I find descriptions to K1 and K2 app - maybe missleading as both apps are not available anymore for new users.

Yes, there you find descriptions to K1 and K2, which are still in use. But these descriptions are marked with a sign (marked in screenshot):

The page offers common info about the terms in Kurviger. At the beginning of the page there are some notes (see C in folllowing screenshot). There you find a description to the sign (D) and where to find Links in the page (E) to more info about app and website. In the linked pages you find links to info that the new app currently is in beta state. In beta state of the app it is very difficult to maintain the documentation regarding the new app and therefore currently there are the markers in this page.

To reach all special info about the app (including beta state of the new app) there is a link in the sidebar (see A in following screenshot). For a quick access to operate, installation and overview to actual and previous app there are links too (see B).

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