Hello community

Hi all. I’m a Swiss Mototourist who likes small, curvy roads around Europe.
During my trips this year I tested Kurviger App extensively. I’m very happy with! Now since more than 15’000 km I eliminated my Garmin Zumo and relay fully on Kurviger and Sygic. For me, Kurviger app allows me to plan nice routes quick and in combination with web site it’s the best solution for sharing routes within tour colleges. Especially when they use different gps eqippment.
Great job developers!


Thanks for the kind words!

Really 15K km? That’s a lot of routing, very nice!

We are looking forward to hear about your experience with Kurviger. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. Bought a new KTM Adv 1290 s in January and needed to go for 15’000 km service last month. Together with Kurviger it’s addicting

Hi Sabu - nice to meet you here in this continuously growing community! :+1:t2:

Me I dropped my stand alone navigation system already 3 years ago … :wink: