Height/Altitude shown Not on Sea Level

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Device: samsung - SM-G991B - Android: 13 - WebView: 112.0.5615.136
App-Version: 3.0.7 - 921
Screen: 360 x 800 px - 3dppx

Hight is shown on GPS Elipsoid and not on sea level.

Thanks for the info, we will double check this and see what we can improve here.

Hi, Everyone , and congratulation for this great GPS app. I am using for 2 days only now. The main reason I installed it is that it includes the altitude and the possibilities of this app is awesome. Thank you to the developpers.

I also have this fifty meters difference between the altitude mentioned on the app and the real altitude.
I read the forum. And it is Said it’s just reading the chip which is on the phone, but what Is Surprising is that if I am launching My. GPS status app, Which is. The more accurate I have found, I have this 50 m difference also betwwen the 2 apps on my phone. Gps status spp is supposed to read from the chip of the phone also, and one agsin, it is very accurate.
Any chance to be able to improve the good altitude please?

Thank you very much for this great job anyway.

Thanks, I moved your post to the corresponding discussion, this is something we are looking into already.

Thank you very much

Bin gerade im Urlaub in Venedig und habe beim Benutzen des Wasserbusses die App im Folgemodus mitlaufen lassen. Die Höhenangabe kommt mir etwas viel vor, der Meeresspiegel vom Mittelmeer ist doch keine 47 Meter höher…?

Danke für die Info, ich habe den Beitrag mal verschoben, es hängt vermutlich mit diesem Thema zusammen.