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Hardware requirements

Hi all,
always a bit afraid, using my “main” mobile for Navigation, because if it gets broken, or worse, stolen, then you’re in deep sh.t.
Yes, one can use the 2nd last generation mobile…
I was looking for a dedicated Hardware, just for nav. I found some cheap Chineese/Russian Nav device, based on a Pioneer device, which basically does the trick. Kurviger can be installed and w/ a few tweaks it works. However the device has only 512 MB Ram and Android 4.4.2.
Could you elaborate a little, what HW prerequisites are required and if /how long you will continue supporting Android 4.4?

It wouldn’t be safe to purchase devices with “old” Android or with very low specifications.

We try to maintain backwards compatibility, but we cannot foresee the future. Min Android 5 will not be very far away.

Recommended devices are those with common chipsets (e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon), at least their drivers work fine most of the time and with good GPS sensor.


I wouldn’t recommend buying a device with an old Android version. At some point we will have to end the support for Android 4.x and Android 4 is already heavily outdated. I tend to buy midrange devices. You might get for example a used Moto G for a reasonable price. I think they are splash resistant. I am currently using Moto Z3 play, which is nice because there are additional battery packs you can simply add to the phone.

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Like already mentioned here I’m using an older Moto G (3rd Gen) running Android 6. Cheap, small, robust, waterproof and less power consumption than newer “high end” devices.

For mobile data the Moto G is connected to my main smartphone (Huawei P20 Pro) via Bluetooth Tethering. The Huawei stays save in my jacket’s pocket (I would never consider to use it on my bike).


Yep, I’m doing similar things, but for most of the mobile phones, I miss some easy, but robust mounting “snap & go” holder. Unfortunately, my BMW R1100RS is not very friendly for mounting fittings. For most of the mobiles, I have to fall back to some “general purpose” holder, which are a PITA. The device I bought, although hopelessly outdated, has this typical Garmin/TomTom etc. snap & go mounting, and if it gets stolen “who cares”…

I you take a look at this blog article, you can see my favored mounting solution. Very simple, unbreakable and good to eliminate vibrations.

exactly this is not possible on a BMW R1100RS! You cannot fit ANYTHING on the guidant.

I mean,
wouldn’t this be a marketing idea for Kurviger, selling a “naked” Android device, IP61, w/ a 4 hole standard mounting in the back, so it will fit all sorts of mountings and a snap&go at the front ???
Plug’n drive

I have an R1100S. I think the handle bar looks more or less similar. I use the RAM X-Grip with this RAM base. I mounted the base with zip ties - not elegant, but very flexible and this works really well.