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GPX import fails due to special characters



I tried to import the Assietta track GPX downloaded from


Import failed due to special character in track name - perhaps import could handle such problems.

After removing that character with text editor import was successful.

Furthermore the error message should be shown for a longer time (confirmation button?) - it is faded out after 1-2 sec, that’s quite fast!


Kurviger 1.3

The problem actually is in the encoding of the GPX file, i.e. how it was created.

Since it contains special characters, should be in the universal UTF-8 encoding, instead it’s declared as the restricted ISO-8859-1…

That’s why also its “creator” DE text (line 4) appears wrong if open it with a regular editor.


Interesting, if open the GPX on desktop, e.g. with Cruiser, it’s imported fine.

So also the Android plays a role as being more strict in GPX (XML) parsing.

Will need to see for a workaround for wrong file encodings, like in that case.

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I found a workaround, it will be included in next Kurviger. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks a lot, I just did a test with kurviger 1.3, it works fine!