GPX file input

Is there a simple way (like ticking a box) so you can import a .gpx route file.
Currently everytime I import and try to use it as a route Kurviger (App and Online) has rerouted parts of it.
For instance it takes you off narrow tracks and routes to faster roads.
Is there a simple fix?


Hi! That is basically what “Kurviger” does. The value of this app is that it tries to be smart, and make a nice route for you

If you import a GPX file, it is most likely a “route”, which has quite a few waypoints, and therefore Kurviger has lots of chances to do fancy things. Even if it is a track, it’s not guaranteed to follow it perfectly. If you want your route to come out exactly the same, you should use .kurviger files, or maybe share your route with your friends (or between your devices) using links or QR-Codes


Also there have been a LOOOT of discussions recently about importing and exporting GPX files, you should check the forum search and read through a couple of topics, I’m sure whatever system you use is already represented here :slight_smile:

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Thanks Patrick
Seems an important simple capability to add?
It opens up all other platforms.

What do you mean “to add”. It is already there. What exactly is your question?

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To be able to simply add a GPX route that someone else has created, without Kurviger automatically re-routing parts of it.
Surely that would be a very useful asset, to make Kurviger a one stop route planning platform. Save buying a dedicated GPS.
If I download a route GPX route to a GPS, the GPS doesnt automatically reroute parts of it !
Hope that makes sense?

Hi, hm yeah, that’s an interesting thought, but remember that Kurviger never wanted to be the “solution for everything”, it’s important to show the user what the page is good at, which is “having a smart algorithm that helps you make a nice route”.

My TomTom 400 strongly disagrees with you on that one :smiley:

I guess in the end mapping and navigation just has too many facets / devices / purposes / goals to it to make everybody 100% happy :slight_smile:

GPX schema documentation mentions:

  • wpt represents a waypoint, point of interest, or named feature on a map.
  • rte represents route - an ordered list of waypoints representing a series of turn points leading to a destination.
  • trk represents a track - an ordered list of points describing a path.

More info also exists in Kurviger documentation.

Routing services and navigators must calculate the actual routes on the road network.


As a result, different routing engines will often produce you another route than the original intended one.

Unfortunately no universal (gpx) file format exists that garantees 100% faithful compatible exchanges.
Some proven file solutions are therefore limited to a few special GPS (cycle) devices or watches or are only supported by the individual app(s).

Example files in the zip contain track turn and Via point info, and with this you can immediately start a 100% faithful navigation. (= To say only are usefull in their respective individual applications)
Track file (8.2 KB)

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