GPX-Export mit Timestamps

Ich verwende kurviger auch, um Videos mit relive zu machen und das hat auch perfekt funktioniert. Jetzt leider nicht mehr, weil in den GPX-Daten die “timestamps” nicht mehr enthalten sind, oder nur teilweise.
Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?
Vielen Dank für einen Lösungsvorschlag!

So war es bis vor Kurzem:

so ist es jetzt:

What timestamp is that, the time of export?

It’s not a recorded GPX track, where the time of each point comes from GPS.

Yes - it is the time of export.
In July (may be August) kurviger exported a timestamp für every coordinate. Now it exports timestamps only at start and end.

For relive a timestamp is a “must have” für every coordinate.

“So war es bis vor Kurzem”.

According to the picture the attached timestamps did represent a certain speed.
A realistic (generated by the (website)-router) (biker) speed ? Share the old gpx file ?
(The Kurviger app does not generate timestamps @ gpx track export)

No - i draw a track with (not the app) and then I export this as gpx-track
I don’t use any gps-tracker.

In August the export was this:

Now, October, the export is this:

Basis for both is (and was) the same link:

I did more then 200 of this exports and all of them include this timestamps, generated by kurviger

This is the usage for this tracks and relive-videos. For example:

The app has 2 GPX exports:

  • GPX: performed online via the server
  • GPX (offline)

Thanks for bringing this up. Probably this was removed with GraphHopper 2.0 update. I will double check and see if they can be added again.

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relive is such a cool app, especially if it works with kurviger, my favorit!

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Missing trackpoint timestamps ? A workaround.
Next app automatically generate timestamps @ import.

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unfortunately, the problem with the missing timestamps still exists. The mentioned workaround is OK, but it is an extra step that was not necessary before. Is there any further information on whether it is due to GraphHopper 2.0?
Currently I use the RouteConverter to add the timestamps.

Leider besteht der Fehler mit den fehlenden Zeitstempeln noch immer. Der genannte Workaround ist okay, aber halt ein extra Schritt der vorher nicht notwendig gewesen ist. Gibt es schon weitere Info ob es am GraphHopper 2.0 liegt ? Aktuell nutze ich den RouteConverter zur Ergänzung der Zeitstempel.

Unfortunately the GH router source, check by next website, Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps also seems not to add timestamps on all trackpoints. Only adds timestamps on trackpoints that has a corresponding Shaping Via or generated Instruction :woozy_face:

Yes I can confirm that this is still on the Todo-List. Sorry that this takes a bit longer right now, but I will be looking at possible ways of solving this :+1:

Thank you it is really annoying and great respect for the work :clap:

Ok, so I was able to improve the export flow and the GPX track should contain timestamps for every entry now. Let me know if this solves the issue?

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I can confirm all timestamps are back and working as hoped. Great work. Thank you. :grinning:

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Working :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!