GPX export file is empty (0 bytes)

gps tracking works fine, I can see all my tracks on the map. But when I try to export them as a gpx file (via GPS-Aufzeichnung → Aktuellen Track speichern) the file is created, but always with size 0 bytes. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any hints and tips

Kurviger Pro App 1.14.19
Android v5.1

How long is your recorded track?

The save process starts with the file browser and then a dialog asks for the GPX options.
After pressing OK, the GPX file is filled and saved.

For more details you can also see the manual.

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The track is about 150 km long, not that much…
Dialog appeared, timestamp was proposed as a valid filename, I accepted it, the file was created, but with size 0 bytes…

I tried it again - and now it works! Don’t blame me, my first tries always got a 0 byte file size.
Nevertheless, many thanks for your answer, without it I probably would not have tried it again…