Google Play updates

There were some reports of not being able to update to the latest version.

In our tests, if the app was installed from Google Play then it is updated successfully.

It may be a temporary issue with Google Play in some regions.

Have you seen anything with your Google Play?
(also write the Android version)

Here the same.
No Problem! (With both 1.14.28 and 2.14.28)

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Auch kein Problem! mit 1.14.28 und 2.14.28 von Google Play

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I have never got 2.2.27, but 2.2.28 is there now.

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What about 1.14.28?

same with me
1.14.27 was installed - now I’ve 1.14.28

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My smartphone was switched off several days. Therefore 1.14.27 and 2.2.27 were not updated.

But now 1.14.28 and 2.2.28 are updated successfully :+1:.

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The updates has also worked for me … :pray: :muscle: :+1: