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ich nutze Kurviger 2.0 Pro auf meinem “Outdoor” Handy Blackview BV5900. Dort läuft Android 9.
Wenn ich nun eine Route berechnen will, kommt der angehängte Fehler. Ich muss dann manuell den Google Play Store starten, danach funktioniert es wieder. Gibt es da einen Workaround oder hängt das mit der Google Play Lizensierung zusammen?

Google Play hosts the subscriptions and is responsible for the purchases.

Apps can only request Google Play for the active subscriptions.
Error means that Google Play cannot provide the subscriptions.

Is it an original Android with Google Play or some custom rom?

The image does not display the ads either → Google services do not work properly.
Is there any blocker app installed limiting Android / Google services?

It is the original ROM. However, Blackview isn’t the biggest vendor, and the hardware is quite slow…

Google Play app must connect to the internet, retrieve the active subscriptions from
Google servers and cache them locally, so it can provide them to the installed apps.

If this process does not work correctly, it is usually a problem with Google Play app.
Are your Google Play app and Google Play services updated?

Especially since you mention that doing it manually, it works:

They are all up to date. I think it is the cache, as when started once, it works everytime. It seems the garbage collector is quite heavy on this device and kills the Play Store App regularly

Had the same issue with a friend on an Ulefone Armor X8. In this case the Playstore version on the mobile was an old one (she bought a used phone). After having done the Playstore Update, all works fine

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DE: Hierzu gibt es eine Info in der Kurviger Dokumentation: (EN see below)

erreichbar z.B. über Link in:

EN: There is an info in the Kurviger Documentation:

available e.g. with link in:

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